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Close to the quartz tube for more than 30 years
Will continue to be together
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Technology introduction

Quartz tube processing (hand processing)


By the skill of skilled workers who freely process quartz tubes, we produce processed quartz tube products that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
There are a wide variety of processing methods, including U-shaped processing, 45-degree processing, and blow-through processing, and we support processing methods that meet the needs of our customers.
In addition to daily technical training, we are also working on technological improvement to reduce costs and aim to create products that satisfy our customers in terms of quality and price.

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Quartz tube processing (machining)


We select quartz tubes of materials and sizes that meet the needs of our customers from domestic and overseas quartz tube manufacturers, and perform molding with a glass lathe. For glass lathes, we support a wide variety of machining by making full use of equipment and processing technology according to the product from among various models such as manual machines, automatic machines, large and small machines.

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With TIG welding machines, semi-automatic welding machines, and spot welding machines as the main welding machines, we support the processing of various materials using the skills of skilled workers.


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