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Product introduction

・ UV lamp

It is used in equipment that cures UV curable resins (inks, paints, adhesives, etc.) using ultraviolet rays generated from lamps.

・ UV irradiation device for curing (main body)

It is an irradiator of an irradiator that cures UV curable resin (ink, paint, adhesive, etc.) using ultraviolet rays generated from a UV lamp.

・ UV-LED irradiation device


It is a UV irradiation device that uses LEDs.

・ Metal halide lamp (light arc tube)


A high color rendering type metal halide lamp that realistically conveys the excitement of the sports scene.

・ Xenon lamp


・ Ozone cleaning and reforming lamp

Used for UV cleaning and reforming equipment for development research and production.

・ UV irradiation device for sterilization (main body)

It is an irradiator of an irradiator that obtains a bactericidal effect by using the spectrum generated from a UV lamp.

・ High-pressure sodium lamp (light arc tube)


A warm orange lamp that is about twice as efficient as a mercury lamp.

・ Air circulation type UV purifier

Bacteria and viruses are removed with strong ultraviolet rays, and indoor air is sterilized.

* Airia is a registered trademark of Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.

A lamp used in sterilizers based on the spectrum generated by the lamp. It has a track record of adoption in medical equipment.

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