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Close to the quartz tube for more than 30 years
Will continue to be together
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Business introduction

Meet the needs of the times with craftsmanship and the latest technology

Kanetsu Iwasaki Co., Ltd. has been a company that has been trying to make high quality products that meet the needs of customers by fusing craftsmanship and the latest technology since its birth as a manufacturing factory that plays a central role in Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd.
In addition, we have teamed up with Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. to constantly challenge technological innovation and work on improving productivity and cost on a daily basis.

Headquarters factory

・ NH process

(High-pressure sodium lamp arc tube process)

Manufactures widely used industrial lighting light sources.

・ Low pressure UV lamp process

We manufacture ozone cleaning lamps that are mainly used in sterilizers and equipment.

・ High-voltage UV lamp process

We produce UV lamps that are used for many purposes.

We manufacture lamps for fiber light source devices.

・ SA lamp process

(Metal halide short arc lamp process)

・ Quartz processing

Mainly for making UV lamp seals, it is compatible with quartz tubes of various sizes.

・ Seal molding

We respond to customers' requests for molding various types of seals, including SA lamp seals that we produce in-house.

・ Vacuum heat treatment

By processing a quartz tube using a large vacuum heat treatment furnace, it is possible to release the impure gas contained in the quartz tube and provide a quartz tube with a low OH group.

Niigata Minami Factory



We mainly use electrostatic coating of solvents, but we also support environment-friendly powder coating at the request of our customers.

30t punching machine, 80t bending machine, laser processing machine, machining center, various welding machines, etc. support a wide variety of versatile processing.


We assemble and manufacture the main body of UV irradiator for curing and UV irradiator for sterilization and ozone decomposition / cleaning equipment using in-house processed sheet metal parts (including painted products) and other purchased products.


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